February 25, 2016

Mr. John Aldag, Member of Parliament for Cloverdale-Langley City applauds the Government of Canada and the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, John McCallum, who today introduced legislation that will provide greater flexibility for applicants trying to meet the requirements for citizenship, and help immigrants obtain citizenship faster.

With this legislation, changes will be made to the provisions of the Citizenship Act that created two tier citizenship. This will ensure that all Canadians – including dual citizens – are treated equally because we believe that a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.

The amendments will also reduce the time permanent residents must be physically present in Canada before qualifying for citizenship by a full year. The proposed legislation recognizes that immigrants often build an attachment to Canada before becoming permanent residents, and will credit applicants for the time spent in Canada as temporary residents or protected persons.

The proposed legislation will also change the age range of those required to pass a knowledge test and meet French or English language requirements to qualify for citizenship from ages 14-64 back to ages 18-54. These proposed changes support the Government’s goal to help immigrants build successful lives in Canada.

“Canada must remain a country whose greatness is reflected by our diversity. These
changes fulfill the promise in our platform to reduce the barriers and hardships faced by many
hardworking immigrants in Surrey and Langley who are seeking to fully join the Canadian family in citizenship.”

- John Aldag, Member of Parliament for Cloverdale-Langley City

Quick Facts

  • Under the proposed changes, revocation of citizenship could still occur if citizenship was obtained by false representation, by fraud or by knowingly concealing material circumstances.
  • The Government plans to repeal the requirement that new citizenship applicants have an intent to reside in Canada after becoming Canadian citizens.
  • A series of changes to further enhance program integrity are also proposed.
  • Canada is a land of immigrants, made up of over 200 ethnic origins, with thirteen of those ethnic groups having Canadian populations over one million. More than one in five Canadians were born outside Canada. This is our strength and a source of great pride.

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Office of John Aldag, Member of Parliament