Calling on the House of Commons to invest in transit, including the expansion of light rail transit to Cloverdale - Langley City - January 26, 2016

My Statement in the House of Commons Calling for Investment in Public Transit in Cloverdale - Langley City

"Mr. Speaker, on Monday, January 18, the second Canadian Infrastructure Report Card was released by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and partners.
What that report tells us is sobering: that fully one third of all municipal infrastructure in Canada today is in fair, poor or very poor condition - and that figure includes much needed transit assets.
Transit represents a significant investment for all Canadians, and we need to ensure that we allocate appropriate spending to keep Canadians moving.
In my region – BC’s Lower Mainland – this is a particularly relevant issue, as we will be welcoming an estimated one million new residents and 600,000 new jobs by 2040.
Investments in public transit not only help get people to their destinations quickly and efficiently, they also support a competitive economy, a clean environment and a higher quality of life.
I encourage members of this House to work with all levels of government in Canada to promote infrastructure investments in our communities, including the expansion of light rail transit to my riding in Cloverdale - Langley City."

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