Commending the over 9000 Canadian medical residents in the House of Commons during National Residents' Week - February 19, 2016

My Statement in the House of Commons Commending Canadian Medical Residents During National Residents' Week

"Mr. Speaker:

In the coming weeks, Canadian medical students eagerly await news of their residency placement. 

This week is National Residents’ Week that recognizes the contributions of more than 9,000 medical residents who are a valued and critical part of Canadian health care delivery. 

Residency sees newly minted doctors move from medical school to advanced training in their chosen specialty.  Residency is an important part of our country’s training for emerging physicians.

I can speak to the demands of residency programs, having watched my wife go through the rigours of residency several years back. 

My wife’s program involved an entirely female cohort of 8 residents in Chilliwack, BC.  Our family, including our 3 young children, met these female colleagues on several occasions.  We finally had an opportunity to meet the second year residents that included several men.  My 5 year old daughter was perplexed by this development, enquiring if boys could also be doctors.

I commend the women – and men – who are currently in their residency programs across Canada.  I look forward to seeing you successfully complete your training and join your colleagues in providing the excellent medical services that define part of who we are as Canadians.  

Thank you."


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