Speaking in the House of Commons on the significance of the Komagata Maru apology - May 19, 2016

"Mr. Speaker,
Yesterday marked an important moment in the history of this country. It recognized that Canada does not have a perfect history, that we have on occasion, stumbled, and been unjust. It also recognizes the importance of healing wounds; that being an example to the rest of the world must necessarily entail admitting to our own wrongdoings. That we must address head-on when our nation has fallen short of its potential.
The Komagata Maru incident was a dark moment in our history that should be a shame to all Canadians and remains deeply painful to Indo-Canadians to this day. But it is also a reflection of how we have changed, opened and become more tolerant in a Canada that is welcoming to all.
To the victims and their descendants, thank you for your patience and the endurance you have shown through this dark episode in our history.
Thank you, Mr. Speaker."