Recognizing Cloverdale - Langley City volunteers in the House of Commons - May 2, 2016

My statement in the House of Commons recognizing Cloverdale - Langley City volunteers

"Mr. Speaker:

I recently met 2 amazing volunteers in Langley City.

The first is Pauline Knight, who turned 100 in February. Pauline volunteers at the Langley Seniors` Resource Centre in Langley City as she has done for 24 years.

The second is Rob Ross. Children have always been important to Mr. Ross. As a retired teacher and principal, along with being a father to his own family, Mr. Ross became a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Langley 40 years ago. In that time he has made the difference in the lives of an astounding 14 ``littles``, many of whom still play important parts in Rob`s life.

Speaking of volunteers - Mr. Speaker, I invite you, my colleagues and all Canadians to enjoy our community - Cloverdale style. The 70th annual Cloverdale Rodeo - the second largest community rodeo in Canada - and 128th Country Fair, run from May 20 – 23. With all the components of a great community celebration supported by countless volunteers, there are activities for all ages and interests.

Thank you."