A heartwarming thank you to everyone who helped reunite a Cloverdale - Langley City family - June 13, 2016

"Mr. Speaker,
Soon after being elected last October, I came to learn of the plight of many Canadian families who had adopted children from the Democratic Republic of Congo, but faced obstacles that prevented the families from uniting.
By the end of March of this year, Rachelle and Marie, ages eight and four, were the only two Canadian children left in the Democratic Republic of Congo without exit permits in place. These sisters faced extraordinary challenges in their efforts to join their parents in Canada.
I am pleased to inform this House that due to the relentless work of our government, Rachelle and Marie are now united with their new parents and living safely and happily in my riding of Cloverdale—Langley City.
I would like to thank the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Canada, their parliamentary secretaries, departmental officials, and especially Senator Mobina Jaffer and Ambassador Ginette Martin for their dedication to the successful completion of this file.
Bienvenue au Canada, Rachelle et Marie!"