C-101: An Act to amend the Customs Tariff and the Canadian International Trade Tribunal Act (Reasoned Amendment).

Second reading.




Given present distortions in the global market, Canada needs flexibility to take necessary actions to protect Canadian industry and workers. The proposed amendments to the Customs Tariff do exactly that, by removing the two-year moratorium on the imposition of safeguard measures on products that were recently subject to safeguards. These amendments would provide additional flexibility to the Government to respond quickly and appropriately to situations where a substantiated surge of imports harms, or could harm, Canadian producers and workers. These amendments are intended to be temporary - the Government is proposing that the amendments be only in effect for a period of 2 years. There are also consequential amendments necessary to the Canadian International Trade Tribunal Act. The Government continues to monitor steel imports and their impacts on the Canadian steel industry closely. The conditions for the application of safeguards, as provided for under the Canadian International Trade Tribunal Act and the Customs Tariff, remain unchanged and still need to be met in order for any safeguard measure to be put in place.