My Statement in the House of Commons on the 3 Main Issues Faced by Families in Cloverdale - Langley City

"Mr. Speaker,
As I rise in this House for my first time as the first member for Cloverdale-Langley City, I want to thank the residents of my riding and my family for their support. 
I also want to acknowledge that my riding falls in the traditional territory of the Coast Salish Peoples.
I served our country for the last 32 years as a federal public servant with Parks Canada, living and working in many regions of this country.  My new position as Member of Parliament is a continuation of my extensive career in public service.
The 3 main issues that families of Cloverdale – Langley City face are:
The struggles with high costs of living in Metro Vancouver and stagnant earnings;
The serious transit shortfalls in our region South of the Fraser in Metro Vancouver; and,
Poverty, Homelessness, Addictions and Crime.
I am excited to see that this government’s plan to bring real change directly addresses the issues of my constituents.
I look forward to addressing the concerns of my riding in this House, and working with all members to improve our communities, and our country.
Thank you."

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